The Four Best Oil Extracts For Your Skin

The skin-the body's largest organ naturally excretes oil, so using it to replenish, cleanse and hydrate seems fitting. In fact, in some countries, like Japan, using oil-based skin-care products is the preferred way of caring for the skin. As we age, moisture levels in the skin drop, causing it to become dry and dehydrated, in turn making fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. You may be surprised to learn that a large majority of skin-care products boast an oil agent as a main ingredient.

But how does oil work with skin? Because oil is an emollient, it fills in the spaces between the cells in the upper levels of the skin. By replacing these essential lipids, products that are oil-based smooth and lubricate rough skin. Because of their chemical structure, the skin more easily absorbs oils than water-based moisturizers.

Just make sure you choose the right ones. Some types of oils-like mineral and coconut oils-can potentially clog your pores and may even be detrimental to the health of your skin. But others like the following provide important benefits.

Jojoba Oil: the skin strengthener. Similar in structure to that of natural sebum, jojoba oil can help reduce the production of oil while strengthening the epidermis.

Tea Tree Oil: antifungal and antibacterial. Tea tree oil has been used for centuries to heal the skin. In addition, it carries oxygen into the hair follicles, reducing and killing the bacteria that lead to pimples.

Almond Oil: the skin soother. Used for centuries for its ability to nourish, almond oil is ideal for soothing sensitive skin.

Wheat Germ Oil: the acne fighter. A rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, wheat germ oil is effective in treating acne and blemishes, and provides antioxidant protective properties.

  • Fran
    Posted on

    Iris: in answer to your question about Argan Oil, I have been using it for two years after being introduced to it through a h:gh-end beauty supply store. I paid a fortune for it, but was so pleased I was happy to pay the outrageous price. Then I found it on a popular vitamin supply site on the internet at a very reasonable price. So after that, I wasn't so cautious about "not wasting a single drop" of his precious oil. It leaves my skin and hair so soft and silky, it is,a treat to perform my beauty rituals at night and in the morning . My skin improved immediately after I began to use it. I noticed.your comment was dated in 2011, so I am sure you are aware by now that this beauty secret has made it to the main stream and many popular name brand hair products, soaps, and other beauty products are including Argan Oil in their formulas. It is popular for one good reason -- it works !! Try it, but shop around for it and make certain you get 100% Organic Cold pressed ArganOil which does not include other ingredients, because once the natural process is compromised, it is not nearly as effective. Good luck, and ENJOY!!

  • ruth
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    Wheat germ oil is not good for acne. No one should put that on their face Coconut oil clogged my pores Safflower is my favorite

  • Aslina
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    I use castor oil at bed time. But i feel that my face becomes dry. So i mix it with coconut or olive oil to balance it. Its work well. Now my face is glowing. For any skin promblems like black heads, acne, etc. I use arugan oil or k2 oil (siddha traditional medicine in India) it is very good for skin.

  • rainshower
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    i have wonderful success using desert essence jojoba oil. for over 6 years, i have used nothing to cleanse and condition my face and neck except jojoba oil and a hot, damp wash cloth. that's it! i press a hot, damp wash cloth on my face to help open pores and loosen any flaky skin. then i massage jojoba oil onto my skin in circular motions to loosen up dirt, sebum, sweat, etc. i wipe it away with the hot wash cloth, leaving behind enough of a film of the oil on my skin to leave it conditioned. skin care (as well as diet, exercise, and just about anything else you can think of) is not a one-size-fits-all panacea. what works for one person may wreak havoc for another. refined or unrefined coconut oil and cocoa butter, for example, create immediate contact dermatitis on my skin that results in extremely itchy/painful hives. however, i know that many people get fantastic results using these two natural products. just find something that does work for you and don't fret over the things that don't.

  • Lisa
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    Honestly, the best oil for the skin is by far coconut oil! I use it everyday on my skin and gets rid of wrinkles very fast and effectively. I use an awesome product named Memory Oil, and it works like a charm, and it's only $10 a 14 oz. bottle of it on their website

  • jollyjanecandies
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    this is a big lie . i tried this. my skin got worst, i threw all of this product. this is a big lie

  • anonymous
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    i dont believe in this

  • Muniyrah
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    To Mary: You can make your own natural sunscreen using zinc oxide; I buy it at CVS. Just Google DIY sunscreen and you'll find a plethora of recipes :-)

  • anonymous
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    I would not agree with jojoba oil being good for the skin, especially if people are using it for the face or to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin for hydration. It is a large molecule oil and does not absorb easily. Especially when mixed with other oils, it is not a good carrier oil. That is why it is so good for massage. It stays on the skin....on the outer layers of the skin. Please look again at this suggestion and make sure you are giving people the correct information.

  • anonymous
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    Sorry but some of your information is incorrect. Mineral oil actually does not clog pores, while almond oil does. Please note that just because something is natural does not mean it is good for all types of skin. I have suffered from acne for many years, and I have to check all natural skin care products for things like almond oil, algae extract, coconut oil (which you mention). Olive and grapeseed oil also clog pores, though less so.

  • Posted on

    I believe that castor oil is also excellent for cleansing oil from the pores of acne prone skin. Apply to skin, place a warm moist cloth over the face, let sit for a few minutes, then wipe off. Pulls out all the dirt and impurities. Emu oil is one of my favorite oils for healing...burns, cuts, scrapes and muscle aches and pains. It is always wonderful on the skin - leaves a healthy glow and feels very light and silky. I love to use it under my absorbs very nicely. Rose hip oil is nature's alternative to retinols..vitamin A. Wonderful anti-aging properties and also light and fast absorbing. I love oils!

  • Mary Lanser
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    Recently I had a major allergic reaction to something and suffered for two months until the dermatologist gave me a high dose of prednisone, which thankfully got rid of it. It was mostly on my face and neck so he determined the allergic agent to be something that was coming in contact with my face and neck. We never found out exactly what the culprit was, but the dr. said it could be a preservative in any lotion, cream or sunscreen I was using. Also there are inactive ingredients in products and also certain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. He said I needed to start from scratch with what I put on my skin, so the less ingredients, the better. So now I use extra virgin organic olive oil twice a day and plain vaseline petroleum jelly on any dry areas. It has worked like a charm and my skin hasn't looked this good in quite a while! I don't use any makeup, except just a small amount of cover up, and my husband says I don't need any. I had to research organic, natural sunscreens to find one with very few ingredients with the main active ingredient of zinc oxide. I found two really good ones that I use about everyday, and I have had no reactions to them. Sometimes less, is better!

  • Jean
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    I use essential oils and various carrier oils for different face, body and hair care. 1 T. of Jojoba & Almond, & 1t. of Wheatgerm + 20 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and 20 drops of Lavender essential oil + 3 oz. Castille Soap. shake well. This will make a wonderful, natural body wash. Take a small amount of this body wash and add a small amount of brown sugar or regular white sugar for a body scrub but avoid your face. I agree, Wheat Germ is not a good oil for oily, acne prone skin.

  • Erica
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    1. Coconut oil on the body, does NOT clog pores and is HIGHLY beneficial for softening rough areas. 2. Cold-Pressed Castor Oil is the ONLY oil that can penetrate all 3 layers of skin. Therefore making it INCREDIBLY healing!

  • Iris
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    What about argan oil? I've heard great things about it for hair and skin.

  • Leigh Anne
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    Do you know of any products that contain almond oil with either tea tree and/or wheat germ oil to help those with oily and sensitive skin?

  • Meredith
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    Although wheat germ oil is a highly nutritious oil internally and externally, it is not beneficial for acne or skin prone to clogged pores, comedones, blackheads, etc. On a comedogenic causing scale of 1 to 5, wheat germ oil or glycerides score a high 5. I would NOT recommend wheat germ oil to anyone with blemish prone skin. There are other non-comedogenic oils that can be used topically, such as sunflower oil, safflower oil, some forms of squalane, jojoba oil, etc.

  • anonymous
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    I found a bottle of Magnolia oil during a trip to New Orleans and not only does it smell wonderful it soaks right into my skin, doesn't clog pores and fells light and refreshing. For my stick straight flat hair I started using Moroccon oil after shampooing and towel drying. Just a drop on the ends and working it upward helps with comb out and cuts my blow drying time in half. I also use macademia oil on my hair. No greasy residue and it doesn't weigh my hair down. I scrunch a little oil onto the ends of my hair and to tame flyaways, it makes my hair shiny and silky. I get the product at any beauty supply store and a little goes a long way.

  • M'Lis
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    I think one of the best oils for hair is jojoba - I put 2 Tablespoon in my hair color and my hair turns out real soft and shiny afterwards - plus I bet if you add it to a conditioner and leave it on the hair then rinse off it would look GREAT!

  • Jennifer
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    Olive oil and Coconut oil are superb for scalp and hair.

  • anonymous
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    Can you do a post on best oils for hair? I loved this post!