A Post-Wax Way To Halt Hair Growth

Waxing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of unwanted hair, but it has its downsides: it can be somewhat uncomfortable and the results don't last very long. However, a new enzyme-based formula called the Depilar System could make waxing more efficient. 

Safe to use on all skin types and hair colors, the Depilar System contains two enzymes, trypsin and chymotrypsin, that halt new hair growth. Applied by a professional directly after waxing, the two-step gel destroys the open hair follicles by breaking down the cells that produce hair, located in the bottom of the follicle. 

The Depilar System, which will add about 10 minutes to your regular hair-removal treatment, can also be used with other modes of hair removal, like sugaring, threading and tweezing. It needs to be applied every four to six weeks over a 12- to 24-month period. Wanna see how it works? Click here.

  • vipin
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  • DeeLisa
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    The Depilar System is safe for all ages, skin type and color, even during pregnancy. It is offered through professionals because there is a protocol to be followed for positive results. A lot of waxing places do not offer it because they are afraid of losing business; the fact is it increases because satisfied clients tell many more people and you continually get new clients. It's worth the time and money; just think in as little as a year (max 24 months) you don't have to wax the treated area anymore.

  • Jenifer
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    I had my first session of lip and chin laser hair removal treatment at Bella Medspa with Yelp's coupon. I was so impressed with the setting, as well as the care and patience with which the experienced technician did the job that I decided to return sometime soon. Luckily, I heard that they would be running 50% off per treatment price on laser hair removal packages sometime soon, and decided to save some money by opting for it. Last week, I checked with them and found that their 3 treatment series for underarms was on offer at $219.

  • Barbara
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    We use Depilar in my salon and have had great results. It even works on blonde hair and other hair types that don't respond to laser. Another plus is that is seems to prevent ingrown and bumps after waxing. I just finished my third treatment on myself and already see results. The hair is definitely much thinner and more sparse. My clients are getting the same results also. We have only been carrying the Depilar Sustenance for a few months so pretty much everyone is on there 3rd treatment or less. I'll try to give an update on the results in a month or two.

  • not impressed
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    I have been going to a salon for 2 years now to have the depilar system applied. I was told I would be hair free in 12 months so I budgeted as such. I have had little to no improvement for the last 12 months. I have tried to contact depliar for an explanation and have bee told twice now that someone from australia will contact me. I'm still waiting after 2 weeks. I'm pretty much about to throw in the towel. I wish I had insisted on talking to someone who had actually achieved hair free before wasting 2 years waiting for it to happen. I feel cheated.

  • george
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    I am quite sure that waxing is a very painful method to remove hair

  • Desperate
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    Hi AllI am at a point of desperation here, My body has always had blonde body hair everywhere but you could never see it now all of a sudden the hair grows out standing straight up or curled and some of them are long, hormones are all fine. I cant find anything on the internet of anyone reporting this also its ALL OVER MY BODY I really want to try the depilar system but afraid it wont work. Anyone tried it for a while with positive results on vellus hair? Thanks guys :-)

  • help
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    @happy i'm in the same predicament. no one in my area offers this product and i really want to try it!! any idea where i could get some?

  • Happy
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    I have been using the system for 6 months and I have seen great results!!! I bought the system from a salon(they usually don't retail it, but because my hair was so dark and coarse and no one in my area did it, the woman really wanted to help me out and sold it to me!) I go to a local salon and get my upper lip waxed and then apply the Depilar lotions myself. I have had a HUGE difference!!! I am so excited that it is working. I still have to go every 14 days, but the hair is MUCH lighter, less coarse. I will have to get another supply soon, I believe one of the tubes in getting low. The woman who sold it to me told me to be consistant and patient and she was right. She also told me to hold out as long as possible inbetween treatments, let the hair really grow in,is better in the long run. It is sometimes tough to do, because it is awful to feel ugly with a mustache! Hopefully it will just keep getting better, It has been an answer to my prayers! Try it!

  • anonymous
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    Come on people this is not brain surgery. Spending $1400? Why can't this be done at home? I remember a product from years ago that was a roll on to use after waxing. Could this be the same in more expensive packaging? Just sayin

  • Kirstin
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    @Cheeky, it's now June, did you finally get some results? What kind of hair do you have?

  • Cheeky
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    I have been using Depilar hair removal for 14 sessions (3 weeks apart) & believe me they aren't cheap. I still have hair & I am starting to get second thoughts about this product!!! I started March 25, 2010, & will go until March 2011 & will make a decision whether to continue or not! I'll be sick if I stop because I have spent $1461 to date.

  • Elke
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    We've started offering this service in our NYC Brow Salon for the face (and soon for the body) and are thrilled with the results we've been seeing with our clients. It can take anywhere from 1-4 applications before you see a change, but the majority see results in 1 visit, with thinner hair growth, lighter color and hair growing back much slower (a month, as opposed to a week). Care must be taken both before (no liquid or powder can be used) and after (no water on skin for up to 2 hours) removing hair to insure a better result. We do notice that the darker hairs take a bit longer to see results, while thin, lighter hair sees results much quicker. But we highly recommend it. Elke : NYC : www.themodelbrow.com

  • Australian Girl
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    To the previous posters, Im interested in trying out the enzyme hair removal system. A few questions were you already waxing before getting the treatments if so for how long? An to the person who has not seen results yet the website said not to expect results till the 5th treatment after all everybody is different have you noticed any changes? It would be great if people could post there opinions on this product. Thanks al

  • Gabriela
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    I am using Depilar and have done my bikini area 4 times. It is definitely working. The hair is growing back much more slowly and I have patches where there is no hair. So I am happy so far and will keep going. My esthetician also told me that it is completely safe during pregnancy.

  • Marie
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    I'm getting nervous...I have spent a $100 on two treatments & haven't noticed a change. Researched depilar on the web & can't find hardly any reviews about this product. I'm wondering if I'm throwing my money down the drain???

  • Terri
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    Skin Care Studio's clients have been enjoying Depilar's benefits - www.skincarestudio.info Thank You!

  • Skin Spin
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    Skin Spin in Seattle, WA uses the Depilar System! www.theskinspin.com

  • Anonymous
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    I read about this product in a NewBeauty magazine a few months ago and thought it all sounded too good to be true. But I found a spa that carried it and actually decided to go ahead and try it. So I've done a few treatments now and I'm definitely happy with the results.

  • Anonymous
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    Has there been any research in waxing post-laser hair removal for patients who cannot bare the expense/time intervals of laser treatments? I have found those who shave between lasering have more hair growth than those who choose to wax. There are obvious reasons why this may occur, but have not come across concrete research. Regarding this product, I am not sure many offices carry it, or if it is safe for patients post-laser/shave, or for the pregnant.

  • anonymously
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    Do most spas carry this product? Do you have to typically request for this product to be used after your waxing? Next time I go and get waxed, I'll be sure to ask my lady if she knows about this greatness. Is this product safe to use if you are pregnant?