Lighten Dark Brown Hair At Home

Over the weekend, I did something at home that I previously thought I could do only at a salon: I went from dark brown to auburn-successfully.

I've been admiring the brick-red browns of celebrities like Kate Walsh and Emily Blunt, and I just didn't want to wait anymore. But I also didn't feel like emptying my wallet. So when I found the new Nourishing Nutri-Browns group within the Garnier Nutrisse collection, I honed in on exactly the color I'd been dreaming about: shade B2, Reddish Brown/Roasted Coffee. The box's before shade was my natural color, and the after shade was what I'd been lusting after-not exactly the most sophisticated method of picking out a permanent hair-color change, but hey, I'm on a budget.

Nutri-Browns were created specifically to lighten dark brown hair up to four shades and leave a gorgeous new color behind. I was skeptical that I could get out of boxed hair color a significant change that I wouldn't want to dye over the next day, but my pessimism was proven wrong. I love the resulting color! I'll admit, it didn't come out absolutely perfect-I left it on my roots too long, so the color is a bit brighter up there. But it looks natural (as opposed to one of those odd burgundy shades that doesn't grow out of anyone's head), and I got the color the box's picture promised.

If your hair is as long and thick as mine, I highly recommend buying two boxes to make sure you can evenly cover everything. Get a friend-or a mom, in my case-to help you make sure you're totally saturated, so there are no untreated spots when you're done. As long as you go about it carefully, you'll be pleasantly surprised how great $8 hair color can turn out.

  • J
    Posted on

    I used it and only my roots changed color since i had previously dyed my hair dark brown n now i have red roots and dark tips.

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    My hair is just about the same color, so it had no affect. Have any at home hair-lightning treatments that don't damage hair?

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    doesnt work on dyed dark brown.. I used the same exact color and only my roots changed color. now I need to dye it back dark brown and hope it doesnt look funky on the roots.

  • anonymousis
    Posted on

    is ur hair naturally dark brown? and whats ur background?

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    my air is dyed dark brown and i would like to go light brown what couler can i use

  • Megan Blackburn
    Posted on

    Is your hair dark brown or light brown?