Best Nail Colors For Aging Hands

Our hands are tattle tales. They tell every stranger on the street our age-a secret best left on our passports and driver's licenses. Hold on though, before you go and disown them, or cut them out of the trust fund or will, remember, they've done the dirty work all your life and typically don't receive the same amount of dotting attention you allot to your precious face.

Sun spots, crepey skin, and yellowing nails make your hands look old. If hyperpigmentation and sun spots are bothersome, you can always try a product with hydroquinone to lighten them, or see a plastic surgeon for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to laser them away. But if you are looking for a quick way to de-age your hands, your best bet is in the bottle-a bottle of nail polish that is.

Jan Arnold, style director and founder of CND, says the easiest way to mask the look of the hands is with a bold color. "Keep [the color] opaque and vibrant. A really gorgeous color on the nail steals all the attention, so if you're trying to camouflage the look of the hand, go bold." The colors to steer clear of: "Beige, clear, or a sheer nail," says Arnold.

CND Shellac has some vibrant new gel manicure colors out for spring and we also love the latest Essie 2012 Spring Collection including Tour de Finance, which is a bright fuchsia and Orange, it's Obvious, a headstrong orange.

To see more tips how to find the best nail colors for hands, and to hear more advice from Jan Arnold, check out the video below.

Are Your Hands Aging You?

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  • anonymous

    Devra, thanks for the tip. Come to think of it, the same probably applies for your face while your in the car too (even more so if you have a run roof or convertible top) . Really good point!

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  • anonymous

    Another great orange color, if you're as jazzed about the color as we are, is Face Stockholm in "Hot Guava." It's bold and is extremely chip resistant.

    Posted on
  • anonymous

    Ok, I am one of those ladies that have had IPL done on my hands and they look amazing. I did my arms as well! Ok,here is the trick if you have IPL or use a lightening cream, then find a great pair of driving gloves. People don't realize how much sun their hands get when driving. The sun depleats the elastin and collagen in your hands giving them a thinned out look as well as brown spots! I always wear a long sleeve button down shirt over my outfit and driving gloves when in the car. Why spend the time and money on treatments if you are not going to Protect the Skin Your In. Much Aloha Devra

    Posted on
  • anonymous

    I'm obsessed with the Essie "Orange, it's Obvious" color. So bright and pretty.

    Posted on

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