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This permission is for the use of certain materials (the “Beauty Choice Award Seal”) of New Beauty Holdings, LLC (“NEWBEAUTY”) to be used, as described below. In consideration of Company’s potential use of the Beauty Choice Award Seal and other good and valuable considerations, permission to use the Beauty Choice Award Seal is subject to the provisions below:

  1. This permission applies only to worldwide publication in the English language and cannot be translated in any other language. The English version can be used internationally. This permission does not include any text, images, or copyrighted matter owned or used by NEWBEAUTY.
  2. This permission may not be assigned, sublicensed, or transferred by the Company.
  3. Company may nor distort or alter the Beauty Choice Seal in any way.
  4. The Beauty Choice Award Seal must be featured on or near the winning product. If multiple products are shown, the seal must be clearly placed with the winning product so that consumers are not misled.
  5. This permission shall automatically terminate if any of the terms herein are violated.
  6. Company hereby releases NEWBEAUTY, its agents, employees, licensees, affiliates and assigns from any and all claims Company may have now or arising out of the use, reproduction, distribution, transmission, or display of the Beauty Choice Award Seal. This permission is non-exclusive. All rights not expressly permitted herein are reserved by NEWBEAUTY.
  7. NEWBEAUTY owns all NEWBEAUTY trademarks, including without limitation, the Beauty Choice Award Seal and word mark. Any and all goodwill inuring from any use of these trademarks is owned by NEWBEAUTY.
  8. Extension for terms of usage may be granted upon written request to NEWBEAUTY in its sole and absolute discretion. Such permission, if given, shall be granted in writing in advance of such extension.
  9. Format of Use:
    • Broadcast (i.e. commercials, infomercials, TV shopping networks, TV networks)
    • Print (i.e. print ads, direct mail)
    • In-Store display
    • Digital (i.e. brand website, retailer website, eblasts, social media, video, mobile)
    • Product Packaging
    • Marketing Materials (i.e. brochure, counter cards, company newsletters, internal collateral)
    • Other (please describe)

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